This is the documentation of SyncGitlab2MSProject.

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Sync Gitlab Issues into a Microsoft Project File. Use it if you use MS Project for the general project planning but want to keep the Issues in Gitlab as a part of your project planning to follow the process progess.

Currently only Information from Gitlab Issues are inserted and updated within the Project File. Changes in synchronised fields will be overwritten.

The following MS Project attributes are synced (overwritten) from gitlab:

  • Name

  • Notes (from Description)

  • Deadline (from Due Date)

  • Work (from Time Estimated)

  • Actual Work (from Time Spent)

  • Percent Complete (if Tasks given for issue, otherwise only 0% and 100% [for closed])

  • Text28 (the list of labels)

  • Text29 (the URL to gitlab issue)

  • Text30 (the reference to the issue is stored there)

  • Hyperlink (link/URL to gitlab issue)

Not yet implemented but planned:

  • Resources (from Assigned)

Moved issues will be handled if the group selected and the issue was moved within the group. Problem is that accessing issues only by ID is just allowed for admins.


This project runs only in an Windows Environment with Microsoft Project installed.

Please note: This Script has been tested only mit Microsoft Project 2016. It cloud be, that some of the API has changed in newer versions. If you run into any troubles with a new version, please open an Issue.


usage: sync_gitlab2msproject [-h] [--version] [-v] [-vv] [--gitlab-url GITLAB_URL] [--gitlab-token GITLAB_TOKEN] {project,group} gitlab_resource_id project_file

Sync Gitlab Issue into MS Project

positional arguments:
  {project,group}       Gitlab resource type to sync with
  gitlab_resource_id    Gitlab resource id to sync with
  project_file          Microsoft Project File to sync with

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -v, --verbose         set loglevel to INFO
  -vv, --very-verbose   set loglevel to DEBUG
  --gitlab-url GITLAB_URL
                        URL to the gitlab instance i.e.
  --gitlab-token GITLAB_TOKEN
                        Gitlab personal access token


  1. Optional: Install pipx

  2. Install the package pipx install SyncGitlab2MSProject (or use pip if you don’t like pipx)

  3. Push the gitlab Issue to your MS Project file: sync_gitlab2msproject --gitlab-url --gitlab-token <your_token> group <your_group_id> ms_project_file.mpp


This project has been set up using PyScaffold 3.2.3. For details and usage information on PyScaffold see

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